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Water Park Equipment Popular Project

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Water Park Equipment Popular Project

This year, there are many large water park equipment, there are many large water park equipment, and after the opening of the opening, the following water park equipment is very popular, as long as it is not raining, almost every day in the holiday.

First, the trendy play artificial wave equipment

The Wavel Pool is the center of a water park. It is an indispensable equipment of large and medium-sized water parks, one of the most tourists. Artificial wave can be divided into vacuum wave (tsunami) and blast wave (wind pressure wave).

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Second, the trendy tour boat water house

Shuizhai water house is a comprehensive water park equipment, novel design, rich in content, strong interaction, and is suitable for men and women. According to the on-site conditions and customer requirements, the water is theme, with innovative design thinking, joining rich entertainment functions, fully applied water charm, tourists are here, play water maze, water slide, swing on a swing, create a Happy water world. It is one of the largest water park projects that accommodate visitors.

Third, the trendy tour ring

The circular river is divided into lazy rivers, tidal drift rivers, Juhong Gorge. Suitable for men and women and old experience, is an indispensable project in the water park equipment, and is also one of the largest water park projects that accommodate visitors.

Fourth, water slide

Water slides can be divided into: big speaker slide, giant, huge behemoth slide, high speed slide, competition slide, giant slide, big loop slide, water roller coaster slide, current, water slide this year's most popular project is Rainbow competition slide / Octopus competition slide, big speaker slide, giant sprater and water roller coaster.

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V. Slide Surf Simulator

Slide Surf Simulator is a equipment that has emerged in the water park in recent years. It is a popular, most exciting water park equipment. The product focuses on popularity, requires certain technologies, and is suitable for guests to watch entertainment in the case of queuing explosions, is a big feature of the technical players.

6. Children's play water equipment

Children's play water equipment is divided into slide children's play water equipment, plant children's play water equipment, animal children's play water equipment, people children's play water equipment, etc. As in the past, the children's play pool is very popular.

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