Water Park How to resettlement in closed garden

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Water Park How to resettlement in closed garden

Most of the time, we are all focusing on the scene of the water park people. In fact, the water park after the closure is also worthy of the operator. For the second year of the water park, there is also some homework and measures.

This article contains content:

1, employee resettlement problem

2. How to upgrade the park?

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First, employee placement problem

The wages of employees during the closed garden are also a big burden on companies. If you must be dissolved, the second year of operation is required to recruit, train, and new employees need to have a transition period for the entire park, which is the problem that operators must consider. The following solutions are for reference only:

1. Leave the backbone team, the grassroots employees are dissolved on the spot, or only basic wages are paid during the closed park;

2. If the water park development company has other amusement parks or scenic spots, people can move to other amusement parks during the water park, waiting until the summer will return to return;

3. Classify the management personnel of the water park to see which is long-term work, allometers and scenic spots can be used to cultivate integrated talents, absorb the advantages of all places, thereby increasing the overall operation management level and quality of service.

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Second, how to upgrade the park?

The upgrade and transformation of the park is an important task during the closure, and the timely update of the play equipment. The continuous innovation of the rides is an important reason for attracting tourists. The upgrade and transformation of the park is not to add several devices as simple. It is reasonable to invest in the equipment. How to choose a type, whether it is in line with the geographical environment and size of the park, whether to fit the psychological appeal and consumption preference, can it form new marketing? The propaganda point can bring a better amusement experience for tourists, and the factors that need to be considered in the park's transformation and upgrading. Upgrade, the money is spent on the blade. The cost of upgrading can earn back in the second year, while bringing a better experience and reputation to visitors, this is the successful upgrade.

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