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Water park daily maintenance and removal and preservation

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Water park daily maintenance and removal and preservation

The water park is endless, so how should water parks do everyday maintenance and disassembly? The following music maps will explain the explanation for you.

This article contains the following

1, daily maintenance of water park equipment

2, water park equipment disassembly and preservation precautions

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First, the daily maintenance of the water park equipment

1. The professional maintenance personnel are required to persuade the invalid game of tourists. If you carry a sharp item into the amusement park, the use of uneasiness equipment is played, on the one hand, in order to protect the water park equipment, on the other hand, the personal safety of tourists is responsible for the personal safety of tourists. How to solve the security problem of normal operation.
2, the equipment must be checked daily, and it is found that there is damage to the repair, prevent damage to increase;
3, check if the device is offset, if there is a slanting move, should be adjusted, to prevent the equipment is uneven, the time is long, or even damage is damaged;
4, after opening or stop every day, after the operation, safety inspection is carried out, check whether there is any illegal item, and then it should be removed, prevent damage to the equipment and damage to the next batch of tourists;
5. Track the device usage daily and record the use of the device to facilitate the understanding of the status of the device.

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Second, the water park equipment disassembled and preserved precautions

After the opening of the business season, it is necessary to pick up the water park equipment for the next use, and should be carried out in accordance with the correct removal step when disassembling the water park equipment.
1. First cut off the power, open the inflatable interface, let the equipment naturally exhaust, usually take a 15-minute exhaust time, the larger water park equipment takes 25 minutes of exhaust time, natural exhaust can't completely discharge the internal equipment Gas, it is necessary to manually squeeze, all discharged all the gas, if there is water in the equipment, the water should be discharged, and the equipment should be discharged;
2. If the water park equipment is dirty, it should be cleaned when disassembling the equipment, wiped clean with a soft wet cloth. If it is directly stored, the dirty may make the device to discolish, affecting the beauty;
4, the storage temperature of the water park equipment is preferably from -30 to 40 degrees Celsius;
5, the warehouse of the storage device should be clean and prevent insects, bite the equipment;
6. Metal equipment such as the fans, filters should be made of moisture-proof, anti-corrosion measures to avoid the use of life.
7. After the equipment is saved, the water park is empty, then how is the prospect of the ice and snow park project? Realize the summer operation of the water park, winter operations, ice and snow park, no short season, every day, profitable effect.
After the above work is properly processed, the wear rate of the water park equipment can be lowered, and it will greatly extend the service life of the water park equipment. When the next business season will continue to use, the equipment is still smooth. New, general equipment has a service life of 3-5 years, and the traffic volume can also be used for more than 3 years. If it is used, maintenance care care is at least 1 year service life of the water park equipment.

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