Water park design, construction and operation

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Water park design, construction and operation

Water park equipment generally only appear in the water theme park, the product image is accurate, the function is easy to safely realize the characteristics of a certain cultural animation, the hooded water, the hoody garden, the people who are close to the water is Bear, the water gives people to survive and make people feel pleasure.

my country's water play equipment production enterprises refer to foreign experience and completed in accordance with the development of water park equipment in accordance with my country's material and manufacturing, a large number of engineering practices, currently analyzed from the engineering situation, water play equipment has achieved good technical performance advantages. .

The water park stems from human understanding of life and life. Life is in sports, sports brings the fun of life. If the hot springs pay attention to \"悟 \", then the water park is pursuing \"Dynamic \".

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This article contains the following:

1. Develop investment advantages

2, the design, construction and operation of the water park, with the paradise investors, managers and tourists have three highly consistent places

First, develop investment advantages

Water Park is a comprehensive discipline, which uses modern materials and technologies based on the research of human physics, water physics, mechanical movement, psychological assault, physical assault, health, emotional change, management, investment returns, etc. Safe, interesting, exciting water park equipment, based on tourists and emotional changes, reasonably all kinds of amusement facilities, enabling rides, reasonable distribution, tourists, and parking in the park.

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Second, the design, construction and operation of the water park, three highly consistent places with paradise investors, managers and tourists

First, the security is always the first place, as special facilities, must pass the qualification certification of the State Administration, layer acceptance, and sub-tests can be put into operation.

Second, sensory stimulation must be extraordinary, able to experience the pleasure of usually playing;

Third, the water play experience must be diverse, and must be suitable for the needs of various people;

Fourth, the water play project should be in touch with time, innovative, should have periodic project updates and upgrades.

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