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Water park equipment manufacturers teach you how to maintain maintenance

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Water park equipment manufacturers teach you how to maintain maintenance

Water Park facilities refer to all equipment that can play in water entertainment, it includes broad products, more products, new products, new productsThe new tricks are endless. How should a large water park device maintenance and maintenance, let me introduce you.

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First, before opening up every day, you should check the water slide and other large water park equipment. Watch the water park slide without revealing,Night corners, burrs, water leakage. Water treatment equipment is not normal to ensure the supply of water and slide pool water.

Second, the pair of loose connections should be timed to view and fastened.

Third, to the underwent component, the stress will be timed to see if there is a cracking and bending deformation, etc. to replace it in time.

Fourth, see the pool of the pool of the pool, find cracking, missing blocks, and drop the scene.

5. The pool equipped with underwater lights should be timed to see the extent of the water underwater lamps.

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Sixth, water slides apply plastic cloth or coarse cloth concealment in non-use periods to avoid ultraviolet light, fading, cracking, etc .; Timely manipulate it when leaking.

7. The outer surface of the metal framework should be seen in the non-use period of time. If there is a peeled, the drop should be protected to prevent metal outer surface corrosion, affect the beautiful and intensity.

Eight, the timed arrangement of all music seasons, seasons, months, holidays and safety views and maintenance before the peak season. Contains slides, swimming pools, lighting systems, water treatment equipment, large water-bearing equipment such as artificial wave equipment, vacuum, tsunami equipment, and waves equipment, so that all play systems meet the requirements.

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