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Welcome inactive play equipment

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Welcome inactive play equipment

No powerful children's paradise is the exclusive space of children. In the high-quality park, they can experience the new and interesting play projects, feel the innovation and beauty of outdoor activities, which is given by the times, almost no children will refuse these interesting projects.

This article contains the following:

1, the city of the sky

2, Sha Shuiyuan

3, jungle project

Sand Water Game + Sand Water Toy + Sha Shui Amusement + Water Amusement + Wood Amusement - (19)

First, the city of the sky

If you see, almost all communities or kindergartens will have slides, and children will not move. In the inletless park, the form of the slide is no longer monotonous, but through a flexible combination, such as climbing, taxiing, etc., a large combination slide with entertaining functions. Rich entertainment features bring stronger playability, very popular.

On the basis of the combination, the city is combined with a more comprehensive entertainment equipment, which will bring overall to the air, making outdoor entertainment more attractive, rope net climbing, vertical slide, aerial trail, aerial ball pool, aerial cinema Equisouncers, such projects have fatal appeals to children's groups, and investors are also very interesting, Tiancheng's project portfolio is still constantly moving out, for investors, big advantages, It can be flexibly selected to control the size, concrete match, and the cost of human cost.

Second, Shashui Paradise

Two natural elements of sand, water, their soft and warm feature become the nature of children, and most children want to play in the sand and water. The plasticity and fluidity of sand water bring infinite imagination and exploration space to the child, promoting children 's individuality development. The process of sand water exploration is not only the process of tactile training, but also the process of creation, is the process of children understand the status and cognitive world. It is also the feeling of childhood, release your own process.

Sandlandwater parkHow to get more attractive children, in addition to the overall outdoor environment design and transformation, there are also some exquisite and reliable entertainment equipment, children like to dig them to them, and they like to play the water more interesting than the water gun. The equipment, and even the equipment of the water conservancy engineering, add more charm to the Shashui Paradise, which is very suitable for young children, and is deeply loved.

Sandwater game + sand water toys + sand water play + drama amusement - (28)

Third, jungle project

The expression of the jungle project is quite straightforward, mostly the jungle crossing, jungle slogging, tree house adventure, this kind of amusement project is mostly reflected in the development of exercise, through the construction of the climbing net, the linker of the slope, let the child are mild The stimuli is looking for pure joy, and during a complete experience process, it can play a good exercise for their physical strength, endurance, confidence, etc. The construction of the jungle project requires a comprehensive and strong amusement industry, whether it is crawling, rope process or on-site construction rod capacity, it needs to pay attention to the details.

In fact, popular amusement projects are all popular in unhappy, creative swings, ground trampolines, scratches maze and other topics facilities.

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