What are the advantages of kindergarten home?

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What are the advantages of kindergarten home?

Kindergarten's furniture design is as important as indoor space design, and even more important. The design and arrangement of furniture is based on the different understandings of kindergarten games: pay attention to outdoor physical exercise, the design of kindergarten furniture needs more considering storage and return; emphasizes outdoor and naturally related games, the furniture needs to meet children with nature interaction Various needs ...

This article contains the following:

First, natural durability
Second, strong insulation
Third, do not produce pest effect

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1, natural durability

The West Red Tree grows slowly and is a natural and durable tree. Qingdao Hua La chooses red chick-resistant corrosion, strong part of the kindergarten outdoor furniture, ensures the safety of children in children's outdoor furniture. Red Cedar Wood naturally exudes an aromatic smell, and the red-faced anti-corrosionability comes from it to secrete naturally growing fungus mixture, called sides.

2, strong insulation

It has excellent thermal insulation performance and is easy to process.

3, do not produce pest effect

Hong Xuequarn itself will secrete a special substance that prevents some pests from entering the wood, and this timber can save labor maintenance costs, which is very convenient and fast. This also guarantees the safety of children, they will not be injured in the game because of the furniture damage of kindergartens.

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