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What are the characteristics of Chongqing Nanquan Slide?

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What are the characteristics of Chongqing Nanquan Slide?

When tourism projects have become a pastime for modern people to entertain, more and more tourism projects have been built. Among many tourist facilities, slides are a very common supporting facility. Especially in some high mountains or large scenic areas, such slides are often equipped, as is the case with the Chongqing Nanquan slide.


What are the characteristics of Chongqing Nanquan Slide?

      If you understand some of the scenic spots in China, you will find that the Chongqing Nanquan slide is very famous. It is located on the top of Jianwen Peak, and this slide is finally on the east side of the south hot spring square, surrounded by Huaxi River. The vertical drop of the entire slide reached 249 meters, alongslideIt is traversed in the jungle. The entire slide runs through 28 sharp turns and slides to the steepest point, with an hourly speed of 40 kilometers.

      Many tourists tend to ride this kind of ropeway during the process of playing in Nanquan, Chongqing. Compared with the previous activities in which people need to walk to complete a series of activities such as climbing, this kind of slide can greatly reduce the fatigue in people's travel, because not only in the process of riding the slide It can only reduce the fatigue of the journey, and you can enjoy the natural scenery very leisurely.

      Sitting on the Nanquan slide in Chongqing, visitors can take in all the beauty of the South Hot Springs. All the way down, the ups and downs are very big. In this very thrilling game, sometimes you can fly fast. Sometimes, it will go straight down, and sometimes it will pass through very steep mountains, wave after wave of lifting speed, sliding to a large degree of rotation, can reach a large rotation of 900 degrees, after experiencing this After a large disc, it is followed by a downhill ramp with a steep slope of 40 degrees.

Colorful slides + colorful slides + dry snow slide + leap slide - (40)

What are the characteristics of Chongqing Nanquan Slide?

      In fact, when playing this kind of slide game, it is not only a very thrilling experience, but also a test of the speed of response and physical coordination of many tourists. It is also a kind of release of speed and passion. Game project. It can be said that this 20 million built slide has become the longest rail slide in Asia. Every year, a large number of tourists are attracted to visit and the whole slide is designed and installed by German companies using German technology. It is guaranteed in terms of safety and so on.

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