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What are the characteristics of innovative children?

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What are the characteristics of innovative children?

With the rapid increase in the number of children, the development of the children's play industry has gradually improved, and different types of play equipment can be seen in major shopping malls or large-scale garden centers across the country. Now all kinds of play marketsAmusement equipment projectVery variety, in order to meet the preferences of different consumers, maintain consumers' long-term interests of children's play equipment, and different play equipment are constantly innovating. The following music maps will introduce you to some popular medium-sized children's play equipment!

First, the magical bubble park

A magic bubbles made in colorful bubbles make the children's curiosity, and the children's infinite imagination is initiated through unlimited bubbles, seeking in the magical bubble world To real happiness. The magical bubble play project is a curiosity of consumers through profitable promotions, and this to strengthen the passenger traffic in the park is one of the popularity of high-profile players.

Seesaw + rocking horse + swing + slide + swivel chair + transfer horse + children's play equipment LT-QB008

Second, the mirror maze

The mirror maze can be said to be a popular project in the Children's Park, but because the mirror maze is strict than the layout of the venue, not all venues are suitable for mirror maze. The mirror maze is a very popular project, which is suitable for any age level of customers, in combination with mirror and tempered glass, forming a mirror maze among the movie world. When players enter this period, their body will emit multiple mirrored, want to successfully find exports to have a certain mind.

three,Interactive projection slide

The continuous update of children's play projects, and traditional slides have become more creative. It has to be mentioned that interactive projection slide projects, which is based on traditional slide projects, more technological, and popularity. It is also convenient to manage the entire game device, and you can support multiple play experiences at the same time, and interactive communication is more interactive.

Stainless steel slide real view - (40)

Fourth, VR experience machine

The technology of VR experience equipment can be said to be the strongest in the Children's Paradise, through their own visual effects to feel the world of different spaces. For children, experience these scientific and technological players, will greatly enhance their curiosity of the world, and there is a lot of exploration capabilities for new things.

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