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What are the characteristics of outdoor combination slides

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What are the characteristics of outdoor combination slides

Outdoor combination slides have always been the love of children, carrying a generation of childhood memories. Hesitant, although there is no outdoor combination slide, but the cement steep slopes that any children can find can be played as an outdoor combination slide. The children sprinkled the sand on the steep slope of the cement, crouched down, and the fun of the current outdoor combination slides.

Today, with the development of the new era, all kinds of outdoor combination slides have emerged, and the style of outdoor combination slides is constantly changing, but the truly invincible is the kind of enthusiasm for children's slide outdoors. What else is there more than a child's favorite outdoor combination slide style?

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First, the plastic combination slide in the children's outdoor park

Combination slides are the most important components in children's outdoor parks, typically located in the center of the entire child's outdoor theme park, with a very good cooperation with marine balls. The shape is mainly in the form of three rowless shapes. Naturally, there is a separate, a spiral combination slide of a building block pool. The combination slide is small with a small slope, low difficulty, and is more suitable for preschool children and some children who have just started learning slides.

Second, outdoor combination slides

Outdoor combination slides are divided into plastic combined slides and wooden combined slides, a comprehensive child activity center integrating stairs, climbing walls, drilling, platform, slides, etc., equivalent to a small child theme park. Outdoor combination slides have been highlighted for kindergartens, called Kindergarten.

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three,Solid wood slide

With wooden slide, pass through multiple sanding surfaces, smooth and burr, wood is characterized by light, strong, so the small bumps generated will not hurt the body, beautiful and imaginable, wooden material surface wood graphic elegant Have a good quality, saying from the perspective of appearance, structure, and safety, we recommend wood slide swing, more and more favored by the child theme park operators.

Four,Stainless steel slide

Stainless steel slides are a major breakthrough in slide styling and length, which includes an all-tube slide, a half slide, a straight slide, a spiral S slide, a cross twin slide, and a slope slide according to a terrain. The style is more rich, and the shape is more novel. It is a leisure entertainment project that is competed in high-end communities. Today's pursuit of differentiation, stainless steel slides will inevitably lead the trend of the future slide.

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