What are the classification of children's slides? What are the precautions?

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What are the classification of children's slides? What are the precautions?

One of the 3-12-year-old children's groups like one is that children's slides, children's play slides can bring infinite joy to children, accompany their children's growth. In order to enhance the market experience of children's slides, music maps spend a lot of time and efforts to develop children's slides playing more suitable children. Among them, the popular products are slides of outdoor combination, playing high fun. In order to make everyone better understand which classifications are there in the music map, what are the precautions, just come together with the music map!

This article contains the following

Child Slide classification

2. Children's slide precautions

First, the classification of children slides

Indoor children slide

What are the classification of children's slides? The indoor child slide is a small device for families, kindergartens, indoor playgrounds. This equipment is small and convenient, easy to clean, simple and practical.

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Large outdoor slide

Outdoor large children's slides are usually in the style of combined slides, suitable for public places such as communities, squares, scenic spots, communities, is a play equipment for climbing, jumping, running, etc. Different physical movements. In the price, large outdoor slides will be more expensive than in the indoor slide, but the practicality is stronger. The combined slide is customized according to the needs of the needs and hobbies, itself has a comprehensive function, and the demand for the public can be satisfied one by one.

Second, children's slide precautions

What are the children's slide precautions? When tourists are playing a child slide, do not take the not using the registration certificate and the slide of the unmarked safety mark. When choosing a child slide to the children, you must see the instructions for use, and check it carefully for each configuration. According to the characteristics of each age, choose the right play equipment, and the child's child should be used with the accompanying parents. In the process of playing children's slides, you can't run free to run, play reverse, be surely dominated.

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The above is a general classification and payment consideration of the child slide introduced by the music map. According to the requirements of different needs, the production technology of the play equipment is also different. If you want to customize the outdoor children's play equipment, you can consult the music map manufacturers. There are more advantages in process technology, experience, use materials, transportation installations, and choose us more assured.


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