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What are the classifications of outdoor leisure chairs?

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What are the classifications of outdoor leisure chairs?

Many people now go to their communities or nearby parks after dinner in the morning or after dinner. andOutdoor lounge chairIt is a chair for people to rest in cells, parks, shopping plazas, etc. So, what can be divided into the foot of the chair outdoors? Then the music map player manufacturers will give you a simple list of several

This article contains the following:

1, cast iron foot

2, cast aluminum foot

3, steel feet

4, stone foot

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First, cast iron feet

Mainly used for gray cast iron, there are some ductile iron, rough surfaces, painting, cumbersome, easy to break, assembly accuracy, most of the style, outdoor, anti-corrosion resistance.

Second, cast aluminum foot

Due to the molding process, the surface is more refined, light, and the assembly accuracy is higher than the cast iron foot, anti-corrosion rust, and belong to high-end products in the feet.

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Third, steel foot

The steel plate or steel pipe is welded and welded. This kind of strong strength is high, simple in shape, and the steel structure surface is sprayed, and the appearance quality and anti-corrosion resistance.

Four, stone foot

Personalized chair, resulting from mason surgery, steadily, rustic, long service life.

The above is the classification of outdoor leisure chairs. Nowadays, outdoor chairs have entered most of the small and medium-sized cities, and become a beautiful landscape of the city, bringing convenience to people to make the environment more harmonious.

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