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What are the climbing players in the Children's Park?

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What are the climbing players in the Children's Park?

Most of the current children's park will introduce all kinds of fashion, interesting and playful play equipment, of whichClimbThere are a variety of forms of playing equipment that meet children's use and experience in different ages. This type of rides need to get into the scenic spot to get experience. For children to exercise endurance, cultivate their thinking ability, teamwork atmosphere Can play a good effect.

This article contains the following:

1,Rope net climbing

2,Climbing frame

3,Sharpse rock climbing

4, combination classes climb

Expand training equipment + physical climbing + sports equipment (12)

First, the rope network climbs

The currently popular climbing rides have obvious advantages. For example, the manufacturing cost is not too high, but whether it is from experience or safety, what kind of woven material is used, how to use Process, these can be determined by people.

Second, climbing frame

This type of climbing facility is relatively common from the shape, but if you give more interesting visual effects by elements of color, shape, materials, etc., it can also attract the attention of children's groups, and can accommodate more different age stages. The children are experiencing, and the manufacturing is the same, the same is relatively low, and the price is high.

Non-standard custom + outdoor expansion + climbing

Third, the sand pit climbing

This rock climbing this amusement facility is very flat. Vitality, feeling joy, manufacturing costs are relatively low, but the process details are worthy of study.

Fourth, the combination climbing

Combination facilities are medium-sized facilities in an inletless amusement, usually able to achieve multiple play effects through combination of different forms, and many combined rides can carry, such as large combinations. Slide, there are also highly high air network projects that achieve climbing function, of course, this type of facilities have more complex cost, but its advantage can accommodate more tourists at the same time.

In the childhood, I like to climb and climb. This doesn't need any reason. Almost everyone has experienced this stage, and now there are too many factors to form an impact on children in the childhood, such as networks, mobile phones, etc., and pure Outdoor activities Due to various reasons, many children are rarely involved. This is a bad signal, how many outdoors look, the current children's park is very exciting.

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