What are the common outdoor playgrounds, how much is the price?

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What are the common outdoor playgrounds, how much is the price?

Many entrepreneurial investors in the children's industry don't know where the indoor and outdoor are, which type of children's paradise makes more money? Xiaobian is analyzed for you: After all, indoor equipment has been limited by the space space, so the extent of the equipment does not meet the best effect; and the outdoor space is large, it means that there is more equipment to play, play Functional projects are more.

The popular amusement equipment in the outdoor playground has children combined slides, children's rope net climbing, custom expansion projects, etc. So which is the most profitable outdoor amusement equipment in these devices, how much is the price?

This article contains the following

Child combination slide

2. Children's outdoor rope net climbing

3. Children's outdoor customization project

Playground playground wood + + + unpowered wooden playground rides -3

First, children's playground

Children's slides for children's attraction is very large, the children's physical and mental health are of great help. The material composition according to divide slides, plastic slides, slides and stainless steel are now very few hot 3d projection slides. Divided according to the shape, it can be divided into slides as slides, spiral slides, slides and other rollers. Now more popular playground slide is part of a custom class, can be customized in different shapes depending on the shape of the site, and can use the material in the manner prescribed according to the customer's budget requirements and manufacturing processes. The general types of non-standard custom combination of slides slightly more expensive price.

two,Children's outdoor rope net climbing

Children climbing rope course program helps children grow and develop, children's play equipment is not as common as facilities. In fact, climbing class project implies the development of functional fitness, body effect of this exercise is relatively good, can greatly enhance children's physical activity. Price rope device also according to different specifications to determine the size. Rope equipment used by the Company are based on nautical rope imports, the use of hand-tailored.

Third, children's outdoor custom expansion project

Combination slide + solid wood combination slide + wooden combination slide + Non-moving Amusement Facilities -16

Outdoor development projects become more widespread, there is a climbing wall, Plum Village, rope cableway and so on. Simulation results of each of the outdoor expansion project is very good, it can be manufactured according to the shape of the natural mountain landscape simulation of different naturally very high. At the same time expand the project also has some competitive athletic ability, from materials to the design is in accordance with standard professionals come. But we can also be tailored to different groups of people are playing the rides, there are special children's play equipment belonging to the children, safe and reliable product, able to coordinate and interact with other parts of the body.

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