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What are the design points of stainless steel?

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What are the design points of stainless steel?

In recent years, stainless steel materials have become almost the most perfect equipment in your heart, because whether it is safe or entertainment, it has higher equipment. In the process of playing slides, you can exercise your child's body and intelligence. Development, and its security is very high, there is almost no danger, so many parents are also happy to let children participate, for manufacturers and operators, you should know the design points of stainless steel slides, so that children and parents can be more The needs of this instant, the rapidly changed market.

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Stainless steelWhat are the design points?

First of all, there is a security issue, and all the processes of the slide design should be removed, because any play equipment security is a feature, and once the design is unreasonable, then it is very likely to be This society abandoned, entered the elimination link, so I would rather lose some interesting and playability, then the security factor should be reduced.

Secondly, it is entertaining, because the reason why the slide is so hot, because its entertainment is relatively high, if it is not fun, then the child is definitely not like, so in the design process of the slide, the speed control is performed. And the adjustment of the angle is very important, and in recent years, children have more demand for color, so the shape of the slide and the color of the color should be consistent with everyone.

There is also the durability of the slide, the stainless steel slide is popular in recent years, and its design principle is almost the same, but the stainless steel slide is almost rusted outdoors, although it is good. Thermal conductivity, but now many manufacturers have done technology, so whether they are safe or used, stainless steel slides have exceeded other materials, so they will be sought after.

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What are the design points of stainless steel?

In addition, in addition to the above 3 points, the slide should be combined with high quality and protective utensils, and should pay attention to the state of the market, and the feedback from the children of the children, because only experience Experience can be accepted by this market, only the most popular products can be designed to make people play

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