What are the development trends in the future of the play equipment industry?

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What are the development trends in the future of the play equipment industry?

In recent years, with the rapid development of the play industry, China has become a production giant of world play equipment, accounting for about 40% of the world's total production. At present, the domestic amusement equipment industry hopes to rapidly launch with the world, brand building and reputation still need to take many roads. First of all, we must follow the industry trend, master the opportunity of the industry, and better seize the opportunities of the play industry, and prepare the market challenge.

So, what is the development trend of the future play equipment industry?

This article contains the following:

1, landscapeization
2, swimming
3, interactive mode
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First, landscapeization

PlaygroundThe theme of amusement parks, the inner logic relationship, elements, etc. in the theme, elements, etc., transformed into materialization, image, viewable, visual impact. Culture is the connotation of the landscape, the landscape is a cultural carrier, through the landscape, let the visitor feel the ambitions of the Amusement Military Cultural Themes to express.

Second, playing

It is the process of gaining the Amusement Military Theme Amusement Park as a tourists in their activities, sports, and dynamics. Entertainment Military Theme Amusement Park is a sightseeing place in science and technology, and the entertainment is first requiring a large number of entertainment guns. Secondly introduces high-tech, making the subject culture using three-dimensional imaging technology, holographic projection techniques, etc., through the environment, Scene, artistic design, enabling visitors to unusual magic experiences, so that their mood is finally integrated with the theme culture.

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Third, interactive mode

It mainly includes the exchange of society and people, the exchange of exchanges, the exchange of entertainment, the exchange of experiences, the exchange of employees and tourists, the exchange of artists and tourists. The arrangement of communication makes people's participation in entertainment guns, experience in experience, visitors can travel, through history, experience folk customs, feel the atmosphere, will be in the heart , Upgrade the theme amusement park consumption mode.

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