What are the difference between the wooden slide compared to ordinary slides?

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What are the difference between the wooden slide compared to ordinary slides?

Now there are a variety of slide types around us, and most common is the plastic slide, but in some of the previous development time, most of the slides are wood, because his durability is better, and The material slide has gradually replaced in some new technologies, but he still has a lot of advantages.

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Ordinary slideWhat are the difference between the wooden slide?

First, from structural analysis,

In fact, the wood slide and ordinary slide styling are almost the same, no matter how often he develops and changes, the three major structures of the climbing assembly and platform skateboard are all exactly the same, and the main structure of the wood slide is material, so he has the entire treatment process. The requirements are very high. Before the sculpture is made, the wood should be taken to the wood. First, the wood is given to carbonization, the purpose is to let the wood reach a certain anti-corrosion performance, because most topics are outdoor. Long-term wind blowing sun, then destroys the internal structure of the wood, and it is mainly for children, so it is also very high on the surface treatment requirements after the shape, and the entire modeling is completed, and some details are required The part is strictly handled, so that his surface is smooth, no obvious burr

Second, the life analysis,

Many investors are unwilling to use wooden slides. The main reason is that its use time is relatively short, but many manufacturers have invented a new method of maintaining slides, which is to coat the protective layer on the surface of the wooden slide every year. This will guarantee that he is not bad, such as the needs of children to play, can also make people have better aesthetics, so the wooden slide is very common in the market.

Third, the purchase precautions for wooden slides

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What are the difference between the wooden slide compared to ordinary slides?

The sensation of the wood slide is more exquisite, in a lot of communities and European kindergarten, you can see his figure, there will be aesthetic color between the child's play, in fact, from the side can also reflect Out of our country, the play equipment market is rapid development. In the process of purchasing the choice, the production capacity of the manufacturer and the production capacity of the manufacturer and the wood material used are analyzed. For different wood materials, the price difference is relatively large. And also seriously affect the future business effect.

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