What are the help of playing wood for children? Let your child grow up in playing

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What are the help of playing wood for children? Let your child grow up in playing

Everyone will not be unfamiliar with the blocks. It is a very popular children's toys that allow children to exercise their own thinking ability and cognitive ability, but many new hands and parents don't know the specific truth, play wood. What is helpful for children? Let's share this knowledge with everyone.

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blocksWhat are the help for children? Let your child grow up in playing

First: Focus on improvement, greatly make curiosity

Curiosity is to keep it positive to struggle. It is also the nature of every child. The child's right brain is often relatively developed. This is essential for the child's growth. By repeated placement and moving stacking, the child's hand-on ability is gradually improved, that is, everyone often said.

Two: Combining ability

In the process of building, the blocks will have the danger of collapse. After repeated rebuilding, the child's anti-frustration ability will also greatly improve, and some difficult building blocks are required, they need parents and children to complete, straight closer. The distance between the child, let the parents perceive the child's world, and the child will feel the love of their parents. In the face of the cost of our own hand, it suddenly collapsed. This is actually a small blow. It is necessary to re-find new construction methods, so that the child's willpower will become more determined.

Three: Cultivate Imagination Ability

Through the constant exploration and attempt to build blocks, the child will gradually try highly difficult style. This is an important step in the development of mental development. It has a broader way to play through a building blocks that are different from different colors. Many world-renowned inventors are developing imagination skills from small, because the most needed to go to society is the ability to innovate, and innovation ability needs to be supported by imagination, otherwise it will fall into a vicious circle, when your thinking is hard curing, That is, when you stay stable, parents have to pay attention to the cultivation of children's imagination.

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What are the help of playing wood for children? Let your child grow up in playing

Therefore, building blocks are critical to the growth of children. The child's brain is in an enlightenment phase, and it is also the most developed time, so parents must pay attention to this knowledge.

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