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What are the indoor children's play?

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What are the indoor children's play?

The development of the children's paradise industry is getting more and more growing, and the children's live play projects in the market are also visible. Some entrepreneurs seeChildren's indoor playThe project has developed so hot, worried that the market is already saturated. In fact, the history of children's paradise in my country has not been around for nearly ten years, and the development is very rapid, but it is still not fully satisfied with market demand, and there are still many blank markets waiting to be developed, and you need to discover a lot of popular children's indoors. Amusement facilities.

What is a children's indoor play project, a lot of children's indoor amusement projects, and more popular is the main naughty castle, indoor sports expansion, electric electric play.

This article contains the following:

1, naughty castle

2, indoor sports expansion type

3, video game electric

Naughty Fort + Indoor Children's Paradise - (99)

First, naughty castle

Naughty castle is also known as the children's castle,Naughty castleThe Children's Paradise is designed according to the child characteristics, the next generation of children's activities integrating through the scientific stereo combinations. It can be said to be a new, comprehensive children's paradise, is the nature of the child likes to diamond, climb, slide, roll, shake, jump, and shake.

Naughty castle mainly has a drill hole, trampoline, marine ball, aerial gliding, wooden bridge, iron cable bridge, cockpit, rotating slide, sliding pipe, rainbow ladder, rock climbing, volcano hair, carbun, cannon, cartoon, air car, Coconut tree, water bed, balloon house, transfer horse, time and space shuttle, happy eight jaw, inflatable bed, water slide, water roller, pirate ship, mini turned shake equipment.

Naughty Fort + Indoor Children's Paradise - (91)

Second, indoor sports expansion type

Indoor sports expansion is a healthy and fashionable children's interior experience project, introducing international popular expansion concepts, combining sports, expansion, entertainment, and education. In the amusement environment of the child, it is an innovative child, indoor quality education base.

Third, the video game electric

The video player allows children to make children touch more interested in science and technology world. Through simple video game, fully activate children's systemic cells, let children's body partially cooperate closely to complete their tasks, let children feel the sense of accomplishment.

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