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What are the innovative children's large-scale amusement facilities?

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What are the innovative children's large-scale amusement facilities?

Today, Xiaobai is talking to you about the development of the indoor children's paradise. Now there are many entrepreneurs to put their own investment entrepreneurship in the Children's Paradise. As a child project, the most popular amusement equipment will naturally make money, there will be many people to consult: What projects are suitable for large children's paradise equipment? Today, Xiaobian specializes to introduce you to the following rides.

This article contains the following

1 sports competition

2 Education Puzzle Amusement Equipment

3 Technology Experience Equipment

4 racing rides

First, sports competition equipment

Playing has always been a child's nature, a child likes to drill, climb, and jumps, so it is possible to purchase sports adventure types in the choice of play equipment, and these projects believe that the sea, land, Empty three fields. For example, in the trampoline exercise is a new space trampoline, separated from the bondage of the stereotropic process in the process of sports, can make the usual movement, have become one of the parent-child sports competitions in the park. .

Indoor play + trampoline + non-standard custom 2

Second, education puzzle amusement equipment

Now the children's paradise will comply with the needs of a new generation of parents, adding new concepts of entertaining, helping children develop intellectual role while playing, and makes more choices for parents to buy intelligence. There are many projects with educational puzzle games in the Children's Park, including small simulation, children's wood workshops, etc. have a good idea. For example, children's simulation driving schools will strengthen the popularity of children's behavioral development because of the advantages of safe and interest, and the correct traffic behavior of children's behavioral development is carried out.

Third, technology experience equipment

This type of child equipment technology is full, the rules of operation are very simple, you can support multi-person interaction, enhance the good communication between the participants, and the colorful interaction effect of the tour is more happy. Children can play to their imagination when playing, such as jungle sniper project to test a child's imagination, resulting in an immersive experience in a virtual environment.

Indoor play + trampoline + non-standard custom 1

Fourth, racing play equipment

Many boys have a very strong love for racing games, and tension-stimulated games work out the ability and response capability of children to solve problems. For example, the track racing is the innovation project, the speed is very fast, and the sense of technology is very strong.

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