What are the kindergarten outdoor large play equipment?

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What are the kindergarten outdoor large play equipment?

At present, global children's demand for amusement equipment is getting bigger and higher, especially outdoor large play equipment. Regardless of which city, outdoor large play equipment has become a must-have facilities for each kindergarten and community, and is the most popular amusement equipment. Children not only develop physical fitness, not only developing physical fitness, not only developing physical fitness, not only developing physical fitness, but also cultivating unity and cooperation, brave and tenacious, difficult to overcome difficulties Good quality.

This article contains the following:

1,What are the indoor large-scale play equipment in kindergarten?

2. What kindrails do you need to match in kindergarten?

3, each large play equipment has a certain educational function

4, good amusement equipment is to make children's safety games to grow up

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1. What are the kindergarten outdoor large play equipment?

Kindergarten large outdoor play equipment mainly has large-scale theme portfolios, expands several network cages, vast pipelines, swing bridges, drill holes, etc. Material is mainly divided into polypropylene and willow wood. Place outdoor anti-corrosion sunscreen, durable. According to the characteristics of the children, scientific stereo combination integrate amusement, sports, puzzle, fitness, put the children in a thrilling, safe and secure amusement environment.

Second, what kindrails do you need to match the kindergarten?

Outside the bridge and drilling caves are placed outside the kindergarten, mainly made of anti-corrosion wood, spraying the surface, beautiful and environmentally friendly. Swing of bridge and drilling holes do not fade, high strength, anti-static, wear-resistant, suction, aging, anti-cracking. It not only improves children's balance, independent coordination and ability to create, but also benefit children's self-protection awareness.

Large combination slides are essential outdoors in kindergartenPlayground Equipmentone,High-quality large combination slides are conducive to maximizing vitality and imagination, improve child psychological quality, cultivate children's brave, tough, tenacious personality, exercise speed, strength, balance, coordination, etc.

Mark Bridge is one of kindergarten insecurity training equipment, and the material mainly has two kinds of engineering plastics and anti-corrosion wood, which is conducive to exercising children's balance and self-challenge capabilities. The wooden bridge of kindergartens is different, and it can be arranged freely, and it is an indispensable training equipment in kindergarten outdoor activities.

Swing is a traditional children's play equipment, and it is also a kind of kindergarten feel training equipment, mainly engineering plastics and anti-corrosion wood. While letting children play, education is fun, exercising children's courage. Due to the particularity of the gameplay, the safety performance of swing is very important. When playing, you need to take care of the teacher and parents.

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Third, each large amusement equipment has certain educational functions

Amusement equipment has a certain promotion of the development of the children in either training, climbing or balance. learnPlayground EquipmentFeatures, based on the development level of children, there is a plan to organize children to play. Can be used in combinationPlayground EquipmentSymmetry features of partial fittings, if there are two parallel ladder and slides, team competition games, first climb the ladder, then slide down the slide, see which team will win. Use outdoor largePlayground EquipmentThe characteristic organizational game not only effectively meets the child's sports training, but also subjected to the innovative ability and social ability of the child's innovation and social skills while playing.

Fourth, good play equipment is to make children's safety games to grow up

Kindergarten outdoor largePlayground EquipmentEquipment only has a strict quality check to install it, make sure each onePlayground EquipmentEnvironmental safety, national service, after-sales peace of mind,True to protect your child's growth

Specialized, humanized innovative design, rich and diverse theme features, motivate children to give full play to imagination, let children develop united work skills in play, effectively strengthen their body, overcome children's timidity, and improve children's comprehensive qualities Let the children grow up in the game.

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