What are the main profit projects of children's play equipment factory? Part of these parts

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What are the main profit projects of children's play equipment factory? Part of these parts

Amusement Equipment Factory is an important place for children to get a pleasant experience. Therefore, the Investment Children's Paradise has become a new business opportunity. Many people have seen the development space, and they have begun to turn their attention to it, but they should understand it before investing it. The profit model, and there is a specific understanding of the investment plan, so you can get higher profits, then what are the profit models?

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Children's play equipmentWhat are the main profit projects? Part of these parts

One: The income of the ticket is the foundation

Everyone is very familiar, and there is a lot of factors in the pricing of tickets. If pricing is too high, then it is likely no competitiveness, causing not much passenger flow, if pricing is too low, it is likely not to reach The profit margin, so according to local consumption levels and general investment, considers, the first-tier cities and five-line cities are very different, and the rent, local education atmosphere, and venue Size and other settings, and to stand at the consumer's perspective, such as parent's rest area and mother exchange area, etc., such parents will also get appropriate rest, and will play more happily with their children.

2: Member card revenue

Now most of the play equipment factory are all membership card systems, which can be divided into year card, monthly card, quarter card, etc. All annual cards can be enjoyed as VIP customers. You can enjoy more quality services.

Three: Beverage food revenue

Gourmet snacks and children are not open, and there is an additional income in the park, but there are tips, but parents are not willing to let children like bottled beverages, so they can increase fresh juice and Fruit fishing, etc., the process of making it is also a comparative block, and it will also be popular with parents.

Four: Souvenir

Although it looks more cold, it is also very hot, you can let your child wear fixed clothes through some propaganda methods, can be sold in the waiting area, and pricing can be appropriate, but not only increase the utilization of the park site, not only increase the utilization of the park. And will also make the park more rich.

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What are the main profit projects of children's play equipment factory? Part of these parts

You should pay attention to the development of profit models, and more than the trend of seizing the era, so you can get a more lively profit.

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