What are the maintenance methods of children's play equipment? You should know

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What are the maintenance methods of children's play equipment? You should know

The children's paradise industry is one of my country's Chaoyang industry. This is mainly because the urbanization process has accelerated. Many families are a child. It is also very important for children's education. The frequent outdoor activities can help children grow healthily, and children's play Equipment will occupy a very important role, and its maintenance method is also critical.

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Children's play equipmentWhat are the maintenance methods? You should know

If it is the indoor factory, it should be regularly cleaned, although it does not look very dirty, there will be many bacteria breeds, can take the form of hydrogen peroxide or ultraviolet irradiation, and can effectively reduce bacteria. Breeding, so that bacteria can be as far away from children as much as possible, and they can avoid problems such as rust and corrosion.

If it is an outdoor play equipment, you have to consider the problem of drainage, because long-term dust and stack of debris, it is likely that the drainage hole is blocked, and the soaking of a long time will make the equipment rust or damage, so it should be drained The aperture number and regular cleaning can be used in a clean rag or water absorbing cloth.

Although there will be hardly have rusty problems, it should also be used with soapy water or disinfectant, and the child's hand will have a lot of sweat. If you come into contact with the plastic slide, there will be erosive roles. Over time. The slide produces fine dents, destroys the original structural toughness, which is also very disadvantageous for long-term use of the slide.

If the slide is scratched, then different methods should be taken according to different scratches, how to be caused by the cigarette butt, then make the thin wax, then gently wipe the scratches, if it is Deep scratch, then you can use crayons to do some creative alterations. Different damage is also taken different remedies. It is also necessary to take effective protection measures to easily produce scratches to extend usage time.

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What are the maintenance methods of children's play equipment? You should know

Different materials have a major difference in maintenance method. If the method taken is improper, then it is most likely to have a negative impact. Specific can be carried out in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions, especially the form of equipment, must not follow The provisions will be carried out, and the original structure of the slide will be destroyed, affecting the safety of the overall equipment.

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