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What are the materials for the outdoor combination slides?

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What are the materials for the outdoor combination slides?

   As playing outdoorsCombination slideThe children are active and active, so outdoor combination slides not only need to be durable, but also consider safety issues. The outdoor combination slide is the most "little partner" for children. We should be extra careful when choosing children's slides for children, and try to buy the best outdoor combination slides for them. So what are the requirements for the material of the slide part of the high-quality outdoor combination slide? Let's take a look.

   First, the outdoor combination slide requires the material of the slide to have better elasticity, otherwise the child is easily injured when playing.

   Second, the outdoor combination slide requires the production materials of the slide to have the ability to prevent the outside line, so that the safety of the children can be further ensured.

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   Third, outdoorCombination slideIt is required that the material of the slide can be anti-static, which can avoid the trouble of static electricity for children to play.

   Fourth, outdoorCombination slideThe surface of the material required to make the slide is smooth so that the children can slide smoothly when they are playing.

   Fifth, outdoorCombination slideThe materials required for the slides are safe and environmentally friendly, so that children can be protected from contaminated materials.

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   outdoor组合滑梯Common materials are mainly composed of PVC, steel, wood and other materials.

   Surface packaging materials: high-grade PVC and TPE materials, infiltrated with anti-UV agents, anti-static agents and anti-decoloring elements, high strength, smooth surface, safe and environmentally friendly, good weather resistance, to ensure no color.

   Steel parts and components: sandblasted, rusted, sandblasted, surface treated with DuPont plastic powder by double-layer spray treatment, 180 degree high temperature curing, UV resistant.

   Wooden component material: It is made of high-quality ash, wood hard, good drying performance, strong water resistance, not easy to wear, not easy to crack, not easy to deform.

   Rope net parts materials: marine marine ropes, durable, safe and reliable.

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