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What are the non-standard rides in Le Tu?

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What are the non-standard rides in Le Tu?

Wenzhou Letu Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd. is committed to the modern enterprise of R&D, manufacturing, production and sales of amusement equipment. Leto owns three seriesNon-standard rideThe products are leisure play equipment series, indoor play equipment series and electric play equipment series. MusicNon-standard rideThe products are complete, covering all aspects of non-standard amusement products, with its high performance, excellent product performance, reliable after-sales guarantee, reasonable price and so on.Non-standard rideStand out from the product. Letu always takes "integrity-based, customer first" as its service tenet, and establishes high-quality products and high-quality service image among customers.

Leisure play equipment series is musicNon-standard rideA large series of products. The series includes eleven categories such as stainless steel slides, rope climbing, rock climbing slides, expansion slides, water play, experience interaction, sand water play, etc. It is suitable for large playgrounds, large shopping malls and landscape amusement projects. All major categories of products have a full range of amusement products to meet any customer needs.Non-standard amusement + eucalyptus combination slide + stainless steel slide manufacturers (10)

The indoor play equipment series includes six series including Naughty Castle Playground, Large Trampoline Park and Rock Climbing Slide. The Lotto Naughty Fortress has a variety of styles, and customers can customize according to their own needs. The most common styles are pirate ship series, forest series, candy series, marine series, space series, ice and snow series. The Naughty Fort Playground is suitable for playgrounds, shopping malls, resort centers, children's activity centers, hotels, residential areas, etc., creating a relaxed and joyful atmosphere for each venue. The large trampoline paradise has a variety of recreational functions, including sponge pool, rock climbing, sling, ninja space, cool running, devil slide, free pinball, dodgeball, spider tower, professional trampoline, football competition, anti-ball room and other functions. A variety of amusement function requirements for large trampolines.Indoor play + trampoline + non-standard custom 5

The range of electric amusement equipment includes rotary play series, interactive experience series, track train series, and other entertainment series. The rotary lift aircraft is the main product of the rotating amusement series. The rotary lift aircraft has the characteristics of rich and diverse seats, high playability, favorable price, short payback period and high income. It is suitable for squares, temple fairs and other places. The live-action version of the children's play equipment is the main product of the interactive experience series. It is a new generation of parent-child interactive play equipment launched by Letu, suitable for playgrounds, shopping malls, resort centers, children's activity centers, hotels, water parks and other places. The real-life doll machine is popular in the market for its stimulating, scary, and fun-friendly interactions. It is also a product suitable for customers' investment. The rail train series has also been warmly welcomed in the market.Square Track Train Products (1)

    Letu always focuses on providing customers with more high-quality products. Its three product lines continue to expand its depth and breadth, continue to innovate, and strive to meet the diverse needs of different consumers and increase the market share of products. Make full use of corporate reputation and brand awareness to improve product lines.

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