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What are the outdoor fitness equipment?

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What are the outdoor fitness equipment?

With the attention of national fitness, more and more communities, parks, outdoor places, etc. have installed various places.Outdoor fitness equipment. Many people are used to exercise outside the fitness equipment outside or night, but do we know how to use these equipment? Which age group is also suitable for people? Today, outdoor fitness equipment manufacturers explain the usage of several commonly used outdoor fitness equipment.

This article contains the following:

1, Tai Chi Pizza

2, walking machine

3, outdoor riding

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First, Tai Chi Pizza

The feet are horses, and the double-handed tiger ports hold the wheel handle, rotate in the same or opposite direction. The main function is to enhance the activity capabilities of shoulder elbow hip, suitable for the elderly. When the rotation is slow, it will be slowly performed, and it is too strong.

Second, walking machine

Hand holding hands, two feet on the left and right knee, and there is natural swing before and after two feet. Exercise muscle strength, flexibility, promote the health of cardiovascular system and cardiopulmonary respiratory system. The hands should be held in use to prevent it. Walking will not be too large to avoid harm.

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Third, outdoor riding

Sitting on the seat board, holding the handrail, foot pedal, bike telescopic movement. The equipment can develop muscle strength and enhance heart and lung function. Suitable for those who are aged outside children. When you exercise, your feet should be stable and focused. Watch your chest when you exercise.

Outdoor fitness equipmentThe instrument settings in the middle, the target group is the public, and its wide range is simple and easy to learn. However, after all, it is an instrument. It is necessary to grasp the basic essentials of the operation. Don't be gradually progressing when you exercise, don't be stubborn and more powerful, and harmonize the human body and instruments. In this way, the motion damage caused by blind operation can be effectively avoided.

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