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What are the playgrounds outdoor equipment?

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What are the playgrounds outdoor equipment?

Amusement field outdoor play equipment can not only make children's body to work out, strengthen its balance capabilities and coordination capabilities, but also cultivate children's active progress, tenacious and brave, not afraid of dangerous spiritual qualities. In recent years, with the continuous advancement of quality education, children's outdoor play facilities have also become an important aid for teaching, become infrastructure in kindergarten, park, residential, etc..

This article contains the following:

First, slide

Second, the rope net climbing frame

Three, trampoline

Four, seesaw

Non-standard travel + amusement facilities + kindergarten eight major functions + combination slides (10)

1, slide

In children, the slide is very popular and popular outdoor entertainment facilities. Whether it is a plastic slide, wooden slide, or the most recent stainless steel slide, they all have good weather resistance, even if the rain in the sun will not fade, it is not easy to corrode, both reliable, and durable, Good choices for children's outdoor entertainment equipment, have slides in kindergarten, parks and real estate.

2, rope net climbing frame

The climbing nets use cables for sea sailing, the center is chrome-plated steel wire, extremely durable. The climbing grid has an extremely free-choice space in the shape, style and size, and it is more casual on the layout, so it has become a favorite child outdoor entertainment equipment.

3, trampoline

The trampoline movement mainly has two forms of frame trampoline and ground trampoline. Most of the trampolines used outdoors are ground trampolines. This trampoline is more fashionable in appearance, and the space occupied is small, which greatly saves space. In addition, this trampoline has higher safety compared to the frame trampoline, preventing children from being flying from the trampoline. The main material of the trampoline is imported PP elastic cloth and electroplated spring, which are weathering materials.

4, seesaw

Seesaw can be said to be people's favorite, more suitable for outdoor entertainment equipment. Before the new entertainment projects such as stainless steel slides, the climbing rack, the seesaw brought the laughter of children's childhood. Now the shape and appearance of the seesaw have changed a lot. The child is not a child's love.

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