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What are the purchase channels in the outdoor children's play equipment?

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What are the purchase channels in the outdoor children's play equipment?

The purchase channel of children's play equipment has become a number of investment thresholds of many newbie investors. Because I don't know where to buy product equipment, it will have a certain risk in the construction of the Children's Paradise. Now children's play equipment have professional equipment manufacturers and shopping malls, such as in the first-tier cities, you can find a professional custom manufacturer. So what are the better purchase channels in investing in children's play equipment? Look with music map children's play equipment!

This article contains the following

1.Second-hand market transfer

2.Children's paradise equipment manufacturers

3.Children's brand cooperation

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First, second-hand market transfer

The current children's play park is very hot, some paradise operators will purchase equipment purchases through a variety of social channels, or buy them directly from the operator of the Children's Paradise. Because the equipment always needs to be updated, some devices that are not affected by the market can be transferred, which is relatively cheap, which can reduce the funding pressure of the initial business in the initial business. However, second-hand equipment will also have a certain safety hazard, and there is no complete guarantee for security. Therefore, Xiaobian does not recommend this way.

Second, children's paradise equipment manufacturers

But because the quality of equipment manufacturers in the market is not level, investors need to have certain understanding of equipment and manufacturers, and choose manufacturers to cooperate. Investors can find a retribactful children's play equipment to produce suppliers, such as music maps, our company offers high quality product quality, including after-sales maintenance, product free transportation installation and other projects. Choosing us to believe that there will be a lot of investors' investment security manufacturers.

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Third, children's brand cooperation

For the children's play industry, it is not aware of the investors who know very well, and Xiaobian recommends brand cooperation. Take Chau Play Equipment Co., Ltd. as an example, the choice of music map brand is the most convenient and low risk investment path. Our brand effect is the most convincing in all brands. The sales volume of products is widely integrated, and the product type is rich, and investors around the world have the opportunity to use our brand.

The purchase of outdoor children's play equipment needs to be integrated into the market demand, and consumers who face consumers can make consumption, you can make money. So, join or buy our products, you can get the free product market research, clearly know the advantages of building a children's playground and disadvantages!

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