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What are the relevant regulations for stainless steel slides? Need to know before use

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What are the relevant regulations for stainless steel slides? Need to know before use

Now we can see stainless steel slide equipment everywhere, because this device has played its role in more occasions, bringing fresh fun for children with different ages. Compared to past traditional slide games, this equipment is now enhanced in the richness. Let the child can spend longer to experience fun here, but the equipment and past play have some differences, so some relevant provisions of the equipment need to be observed, otherwise it may affect the overall entertainment experience, and may even encounter some Small accident. What are the specific provisions?

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Stainless steel slideWhat are the relevant regulations for use? Need to know before use

First, remove the pendant items when you experience

Because the slide game is a process of sprinting a low point in a high place, it will accompany a relatively fast acceleration process. So in this process, you must first make sure there is no pendant on the player. Otherwise, it may hang the device next to the process, which may cause some unexpected situations. So when you play the slide equipment, you must first check if your body has a belt or other prominent pendants, and some need to accommodate in advance, and then enter the slider gameplay.

Second, you need to wait in line when playing slides.

Because the slide device is set to pass, such words can enhance the user's satisfaction, or it can avoid some unexpected situations. Therefore, in the equipment of the equipment, there will be special personnel to manage, this time the player should queue in line. It will not happen while playing, so that there will be a collision in the entertainment process, and every player needs to actively comply with the project regulations.

Third, users with heart disease don't try

Some users have some diseases in the heart, so this kind of game is not suitable for them. Because the player slipped from a height to the lower process, there will be a sudden acceleration process. If the customer's heart tolerance is not particularly good, it may cause other diseases, so that the original is inverted, so the heart is disease. Do not Try, don't have a lucky psychology, you can't deceive the inspections.

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What are the relevant regulations for stainless steel slides? Need to know before use

After doing this, you can enjoy the fun of stainless steel slide equipment. Because these specifications are for security and protection, every player can experience rich happiness here.

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