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What are the roles of outdoor play equipment?

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What are the roles of outdoor play equipment?

When we see outdoor play equipment around you, have you seriously think about it? Maybe we just think it can only play. We are unfamiliar with the function of outdoor play equipment, and even we don't often reflect on the functions of outdoor play equipment. Today, I will recall the functions of outdoor play equipment and see how much you know this.

This article contains the following points

1, play

2, watch

3, improve real estate value

4, increasing people traffic, improve overall economic overall revenue

5, increase the happiness index of residents

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First, play

The core role of outdoor play equipment is to play, knowing this role accounts for 80%, and outdoor play equipment has been combined with various play equipment, and how many people have played. You can climb on the play equipment, or you can slip on it, you can slip. Therefore, play function is the most important function, you know this role.

Second, watch

It is estimated that there will be many people don't understand the outdoor play equipment. In fact, think about it. Design Miao Miao's outdoor rides like art, not only with play, and the appearance is also coveted. In recent years, with the development of outdoor play equipment, rides not only need to play, but also need good ornamental value, there is a variety of clever design. For example, appearance is highly ornamental like the palace, animal, ocean, and a wide range of designs.

Third, enhance the value of real estate

Looking around, outdoor play equipment is generally built in good parks, communities, squares. These places have greatly improved the value of the play equipment. If, a cell has a set of outdoor players and which is worth the value of the supporting equipment? There is no doubt that it must be the former, add additional equipment, value different. Just like buying a house, the blank and exquisite rooms must be much more expensive. Therefore, many real estate developers often take some means and measures to improve the real estate value in order to improve the industry competitiveness. According to statistics, there is currently a good way to improve the value of real estate in cell installation outdoor play equipment.

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Fourth, increasing people traffic and improves overall economic overall income

It can be seen that there are places where outdoor rides, people are relatively large. Parents will play with their children. If you have tired, you will go to buy water, buy some snacks, this will trigger the consumption of tourists, visitors will drive the entire economy. Therefore, outdoor play equipment can also increase people's traffic and improve overall economic income.

V. Increase the happiness index of residents

Friends who have been paying attention will find that there are people with outdoor play equipment. Everyone is familiar with each other, takes care of each other, looking for a tacit understanding in the game, play together, laugh together, happy together, everyone play together, the happy index rises sharply.

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