What are the safety use knowledge of combined slides and large rides? Need to understand

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What are the safety use knowledge of combined slides and large rides? Need to understand

Slide equipment has always been part of the playground, because the child does really like this gameplay. After the development of today, the slide equipment has a new way of rendering, we call it a combination slide. This kind of equipment is more suitable for this era, which can combine multiple equipment play games, will not let the child have a tired emotion. Because it is a combination, the device will look more large. This will involve some security matters that need to pay attention to it, and they can play more fun. Specific safety knowledge knowledge is probably the following points.

Combination slide + children's play equipment + small doctors + Great Wall (14)

Combination slideWhat are the safety use knowledge of large-scale amusement facilities? Need to understand

First, play according to the prescribed track

The combined equipment actually playing itself and provides users with a lot of entertainment channels. However, some users like the sword to take the forehead, try some non-standard channels to play, to show their own unique. But this approach is obviously unsafe, because these areas that may be relatively weak above. If the player does not do its own protection, it is likely that there will be injured situations, so we must avoid this practice as much as possible because there is indeed a big hidden danger.

Second, wear protective equipment according to the regulations

The current equipment is more satisfactory, so many people have a lucky mind, and there will be no problem without wearing protective equipment. But there is no matter whether there is some situation in the process of entertainment, people who don't wear protective equipment must face more serious injuries. So at any time, we must wear protective equipment in accordance with the requirements, don't make yourself in the whole entertainment process for a while.

Third, don't laugh in the entertainment process

The combined equipment itself is a place where the entertainment is entertaining, which has stimulated the original entertainment passion of children. Because they are easy to laugh in this special scene, this is also a more dangerous process. Because people are easy to ignore some fundamental problems when they are extremely high, if a step is not careful, it is very likely to make a big disaster, so they can enjoy it when they are amuses, don't bring your play to this. Scenario.

Slide + combination slide + small doctoral + no powerful play equipment + angel blue cat (19)

What are the safety use knowledge of combined slides and large rides? Need to understand

Mastering this safety knowledge, you can enjoy the happiness of experience equipment.

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