What are the small amusement devices?

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What are the small amusement devices?

Nowadays, the number of children's play parks has increased rapidly. Various innovative amusement equipment is endless, but it is precisely because these rides provide children with a growth shortcut, in this casual entertainment environment, not only It is happiness, and it is even psychological growth. Therefore, there are more real estate communities to choose a small amusement park to make the people in the community love to live and achieve children's sports. So, which type is small amusement equipment?

This article contains the following


2. Rainbow slide

3. Rock climbing wall

4. Children's slide

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First, seesaw

Children's seesaw is a change in the displacement of two reverse direction through the principle of leverage. The pressure of people is also a resistance to the pressure of the seesaw. The seesaw project gives the children a feeling of tight stimulation, but in the process of playing, it must be carried out in the accompanying parents. Such a simple seesaw project is also very cheap, please consult the music map.

Second, rainbow slide

What are the small amusement devices? You can see the colorful rainbow slight layout on the big grass in a lot of video platforms, fun and stimulating. The rainbow slide produced by music map is environmentally friendly, non-toxic plastic material, which can be disassembled at any time. If there is no longer open the rainbow slide project, it can also be recycled. If you want to build a slide, you need to make special customization according to the inclination of the site, and the custom price is at least 700-1200 yuan / square meter.

Third, climbing wall

Children's climbing wall equipment is generally placed in a cell, park, a scenic spot, an outdoor powerless device. The use of simulated design techniques allows users to be in a scene of outdoor climbing. At the same time, it is also possible to create an interactive rock climbing wall according to the conditions of the site, which is to make rock climbing more stimulated by setting the difficulty in climbing points.

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Fourth, children slide

As long as there is a child gathered, you will see the child slide, the material built by the child is plastic, solid wood, stainless steel. What are the small amusement devices? The materials for different scenes are not the same, and in some scenic spots are usually in solid wood positions, the community kindergartens are mainly plastic. Children can also be combined with other small non-powered equipment, constructed as a combination slide, fun.

What are the small amusement equipment? The types of amusement equipment are very much. When choosing to purchase customization, you must first consider whether it is suitable for your own venue, and it also needs to strictly review the strength of the manufacturer. Creating a quality reliable, safe and practical play equipment is the ultimate goal of music map.


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