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What are the specific processes of a large playground? Need to know in advance

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What are the specific processes of a large playground? Need to know in advance

Now the play equipment is full of weide, whether it is kindergarten or park square, you can see its figure, some large shopping malls have quoted tourism equipment to attract passenger flow, and for investment operators, large-scale playgrounds Still very considerable, then what things do you want to invest in the playground and what specific processes?

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Open a familyLarge playgroundWhat are the specific processes? Need to know in advance

First, you must submit the location of the site, the size of the site, and the information for people to the manufacturer, and inform the manufacturer's style type, including the shape and material choice, such as metal, stainless steel plastic wood, etc., it is necessary to build multiplayer Is the slide or a type of climbing and swing? Is it still leisure for expansion? Or is it a class? Waiting for questions that need to communicate with professional technicians, so that it is the premise of normal cooperation.

Secondly, it is necessary to estimate the budget, including the number of devices, etc. And net return rate, etc., many investors are losing, because budget deviations have lower investment income.

There is also to let manufacturers provide some reference and suggestions based on the venue and renderings, because of the technical staff, experienced projects, their suggestions are more feasible, so they have to communicate effectively, avoid The situation of errors.

It is also necessary to analyze the composition of the fee. Some costs are needed. Check it, exempted from controversial, such as the door-to-door installation fee, labor fees, and installation fees, etc., do not wait until the settlement, in the event of a fee Bias, this is unfavorable for both parties.

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What are the specific processes of a large playground? Need to know in advance

So, in summary, the problem of children's play equipment needs to be considered. If it does not have the ability to develop practical programs, you can hire relevant industry personnel to do, invest in budget, and other work, to a large extent The loss of losses, and analyzed from many failures, the design of the equipment and the location of the site is the most important.

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