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What are the trampoline play equipment?

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What are the trampoline play equipment?

The popularity of the trampoline industry believes that you are also in the eyes. As the modern technology is gradually incorporated into the amusement industry, the trampoline play equipment that cannot be missing as a play industry must also follow the mass trend. Therefore, the trampoline manufacturer is also more and more innovative in accordance with the large demand in the market, such as a hot interactive project, small children's rock climbing, etc. The R & D and upgrading of these trampoline equipment has become a favorite project of many consumers. So, will there be those playing equipment in the 2020 Shanghuashi Park?

First, interactive, competitive equipment

Most of the competitive interactive types are all interactive to enhance the group play by PK tactics.Interactive rock climbingIt is a project that requires two cooperation. The current play equipment is more hot is that \"online interaction \" is much higher than the \"single game \", because the holding of the two can enhance the time of play, but also from another perspective Long-term tourism interest.

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Whether it is a teen group activity, corporate contracting, etc., can play a certain interaction, enhance the friendship between players, so this is why trampoline manufacturers will support the output of new equipment.

Second, theme, IP item equipment

After the market visits and surveys have found a paradise with theme nature, it is more attractive.

Because the IP nature of the trampoline park can make consumers feel the brand's name, enhance the identity above the trampoline park brand. So this is why there will be many investors in recent investors.Trampoline parkIP image shaped. Paradise and equipment projects with IP theme nature, more fun, can improve play interest.

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Third, technology, fitness equipment

Projects with technologies and certain fitness are still a certain advantage of other ordinary equipment. For example, the VR experience is a representative of technology-based projects. Through modern 3D technology, the players really experience what is second or other world. Moreover, the advantages of fitness equipment projects are also able to track according to customer exercise, and can record the performance of users.

The trampoline park play equipment project is still more, but it is necessary to make money through the equipment, or need a certain operating experience and level.

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