What are the types of slide devices?

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What are the types of slide devices?

The equipment in many outdoor play equipment is very popular, and the slide equipment allows visitors to experience a smooth feeling of falling. The speed of the decline can be controlled. If it is a drought slide experience, if it is slower, it is the feeling of outdoor large slide. In fact, there are many kinds of outdoor slides, depending on the style and the extension, etc., can be divided into the following centralized types.

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What are the types of slide devices?

Drought snow slideseries. This project is more popular in the south. You can experience the feeling of skiing on the slide equipment. For friends who have no snow fields in the south, it is a very good winter outdoor movement. This slide is mainly made of PP material, wear resistance, strong practicality, and cracks will not occur in winter. The dry snow slide can be set on the hillside, and the stent can be used on the air floor, or it can be erected in the playground. The drought project can let everyone experience the feeling of skiing, and have sports effects and amusement experience.

Scenic slide series. There is also a slide in the scenic spot, and it is different from the cableway. The tourists can slip down from the top of the lane, and the speed is relatively slow. The security of the equipment is guaranteed. The slide on the mountains mainly uses hard materials such as iron plates, as the slide wear on the mountain is much more wear, with a hard material to experience high frequency. The scenic slide is equivalent to providing a play experience for this, and tourists can get down the mountains, increase the interest of the scenic spot. Nowadays, many well-known scenic spots have slides, very popular among tourists. The construction of this slide can be said to be a one-time investment, which can be profitable for many years. The equipment usually maintenance is relatively simple, mainly checking if there is loose place to ensure that visitors can safely use slides.

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What are the types of slide devices?

Slip slide series. On the grass, there can be slide, and the slide equipment look like a rainbow bridge, which is also a net red rainbow slide, and has been sought after by many people. This slide is easier, and the color of the slide is bright, and the shape and color of the slope surface can be customized. Equipment materials have different kinds, the amount of investment is limited, and the general small slide investment is enough for 100,000 yuan. The snowflakes of this slide can be customized. According to the design, different colors and graphics can be spliced, and it is a good play equipment.

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