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What are the water park facilities?

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What are the water park facilities?

What are the water rides facilities?

Children's Water Park has become a very fire, it makes a project that makes money. Many people have begun to understand the water park equipment and the water park equipment manufacturer, and I want to open a water park, but the large water park has opened up investment, the point is fixed, the facilities are also more, so what kind of water rides?

This article contains the following:

1, inflatable water slide series

2, water inflatable intersection competitive project

3, water glass steel slide series

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First, inflatable water slide series

The advantage of the inflatable water slide series is that the place can be large and can be customized according to the place. Applicable people are relatively wide, it is the water slide of adults who can play! Moreover, the glass steel is low, and it is convenient!

Second, the water inflatable smashing competitive project

In the past two years, the water inflatable infection project has been widely welcomed by children and adults. This product is easy to move, and it is very good to attract passenger flow, it is a good project in summer entrepreneurship!

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Third, the water glass steel slide series

In addition to producing inflatable water projects, the water park equipment manufacturer Tongmu Park also produces water stainless steel slides and water plastics. The production of the series of water slides is cute, bright, and is very suitable for children's parks and parks.

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