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What are the water park play equipment?

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What are the water park play equipment?

Many people who have never been to the water park are curious about the equipment of the water park. Today, let's talk about what interest and stimulating projects in the water park.

This article contains the following:

1, dragon roll storm

2, magic bowl

3, Elf Tree House

4, craft

5, racing slide

6, surf tank

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First, the dragon roll wind explosion

In the 20-meter place, the completely sealed slide is slippery, and when reaching the interior of the horn, suddenly rises, giving people a weight loss. Depending on the principle of mechanics, the larger the weight of 4 people, the strong weight loss can be felt!

Second, the magic bowl

This amusement equipment is also slid down from a fully enclosed slide. When we first enter the bowl, the float is almost vertically on the ground. After two rounds of the bowl, enter the sink from the black tube, let You have a stimulus!

Third, Elf Tree House

Among the messy buildings built with water pipes, there are many kinds of water guns, water guns and other potted water facilities. There is also a high platform slide and a child slide. One of the top of a typical large elf tree house has one or two large buckets (generally 2 tons), and the water drum is filled with water. Elf Tree House can give a feeling of \"cool \"!

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Fourth, the wave pool

This kind of equipment is very important for water parks, which can simulate real waves. However, its cost is also quite expensive, spending about 500 yuan during operation, creating a big wave.

V. Racing slide

Racing slides are usually dominated in line, and a height is approximately 18 meters and a blanket slip is needed. People climb on the carpet, hands holding the armrests, and the staff of the playground began to slide down. The slide is the step-shaped status, and the speed is relatively increased at each slope (prompt: Do not loosen the armrest during the play.).

Six, surf pool

The surf pool has a high technical content, which can simulate the real sea surfing, the water comes from the front of the places, tourists can enjoy the passion of surfboards, the speed of the water is very fast, probably 80 km / h More, friends who like surfing can be played here.

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