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What are the water play equipment?

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What are the water play equipment?

What are the water play equipment?

Winter is coming to spring, summer is no longer far away, I want to build a water park in summer, I have begun to prepare. To address, you have to know on the water recreational facilities, but what equipment does it need to build water parks? Which water recreation facility is attractive enough? Today, you will find it! So what are the water recreational facilities? In fact, there are a lot of equipment in the water park, and there are many materials, like FRP, plastic, and inflatable equipment, you can choose different water entertainment equipment according to budget!

This article contains the following:

1, inflatable water slide

2, stent swimming pool

3, water glass steel slide series

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First, inflatable water slide

Inflatable water slides are every water park, each water slide can be self-made a small water park. Such as small octopus water slide. The color is bright and beautiful, the top octopus models can be graphic, and there are sharks, small dolphins, so that children have a feeling of driving in the sea. The specifications of this device can be large, it is very suitable for amusement investment.

Second, the stent swimming pool

Composed of two parts of the bracket and PVC cloth. Water depth is deeper in the air pool, which can be used as a water contest in swimming training class, business and community activities. If you don't like the stent pool gameplay is too monotonous, you can also match the water floating tool, increase its gameplay. Moreover, the stent pool is convenient for mobile, easy to fold, and does not occupy the advantages of the site, it is suitable for entertainment investment.

Third, the water glass steel slide series

In addition to the production of inflatable water projects, water park also specializes in the production of water stainless steel slides and water plastics slides. The production of water slides series is cute, fresh, very suitable for children's paradise and parks!

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