What do you need to handle a child park?

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What do you need to handle a child park?

As a playground that can make children happy and educated in music, the children's playground is more concerned and loved by the society. Therefore, there are more entrepreneurs to see the development prospects, and want to operate the children's paradise is actually very simple, but more than an experienced investors are urgent to open the children's playground, I don't know what documents need, today Xiaobian For the procedures for handling as a topic, explain it.

This article contains the following

Entertainment nature business license

2. Industrial and commercial business license

3. Tax registration certificate

4. Fire permit

one,Entertainment nature business license

According to the relevant provisions of the country, the children's playground is actually belonging to the nature, and the application shall be put forward to the local relevant departments. Applicants can obtain registration procedures for the relevant industrial and commercial administration after obtaining an entertainment business license and related health environment under certain conditions. After the entertainment venues have taken the business license, they must be recorded in the public security department within half a month.

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Second, the business license

The best time for handling business licenses is that there is no trial operation stage in the playground. It is necessary to go to the local industrial and commercial bureau to handle the business license, and the operator of the individual households can handle the relevant license only if it is a complete civil responsibility. If it is the choice of the brand to join the form, it should be related to the headquarters, and determine the relationship After the execution of the license.

Third, the tax registration certificate

When the individual business households go to the local industrial and commercial bureau for business licenses, they need to apply for tax registration within 30 days. It requires the original ID card, as well as a copy of the business license and related real estate certificates, etc. If it is lease, there is also a copy of the lease contract and the original and information.

Fourth, fire permit

The fire permit is a key step in establishing a children's playground. The fire inspection of the Children's Paradise is the focus of the Fire Department, and it must be officially opened. Moreover, and some places cannot be set in the basement or a relatively high floor. It is recommended to use fire extinguishers and fire hydrants and fire hydrants and fire hydrants, fire hydrants, and fire hydrants must be used in accordance with the corresponding requirements of national fire protection. System, etc.

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The above is Xiaobian to organize the relevant documents needed for investment in the Children's Paradise, I hope to have a certain help for the majority of entrepreneurial investors. Although the documents needed for the opening of the Children's Park, there is a cumbersome, but there are these documents, children The park's safety performance is higher.

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