What equipment is there in research?

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What equipment is there in research?

Research, refers to exploration learning, in order to make children based on the original concept, take the initiative to actively learn and explore the inquiry study. The vortex research playground will be integrated with the depth of the sect of the paradise. In the process of playing the child, bravely exploring, brave challenges, unity and cooperation, good at communication, can also promote cooperation between children and parents in this process. . So what are the projects in research?

This article contains the following:

First, creative seesaw

Second, the sanitation facility experience
Third, the competitive swing

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1, creative seesaw

Subverting the concept of traditional seesaw, not only has the most common seesaw, adding various types of creative seesaw, rich species, colorful, more attracting children's eyes, but also pays attention to product safety while creativity, playing in children At the time, the parents are more assured.

2, sanitation facilities experience

With the improvement of living standards, the city's sanitation work has always focused on focus, and the role of sanitation management is more important.Sanitation facilities have always existed in all places, but most people do not know how to classify and correctly, and the sanitation facilities experience will make children to correctly meet the \"micro \" in these cities when they are young. Important figure, also learned how to use, increase the hands-on ability and knowledge, have also established a good environmental protection awareness.

3, competition swing

Swing is a game tool, hanging the long rope on the shelf, hanging the board, and people swing back and forth, originated in ancient times. Because of its simple, easy to learn, so far, it is very popular, soon it is popular in all places. Swing materials are colorless, tasteless, non-toxic, high security.

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