What equipment needs to build a water park?

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What equipment needs to build a water park?

Winter is right away, summer is not far away, I want to build water on the water in summer, I have begun to prepare silently. Site site, understand the water rides, but what equipment does it take to build a water park? What is the water ride facilities attractive? Today we are specific to understand!

What are the water rides? In fact, there are many equipment in the water park, there are many materials, such as FRP, plastic, and inflatable equipment, so the low budget water park can choose from what kind of amusement facilities?

If the budget is relatively low, you want to operate the water park, you can choose the movable inflatable water park. So, what equipment does it take to move the water park?

This article contains the following:

1, inflatable water slide

2, stent swimming pool

3, inflatable competitive equipment

Water Slide + Water Amusement Equipment + Children's Play Facilities (40)

First, inflatable water slide

Inflatable water slides are every water park, and each water slide can be self-contained in a small water park. For example, octopus is slid. Colorful, the octopus model, the shape of the octopus, and the shape of sharks, small dolphins, so that children have a feeling in the sea. The specifications of this water play equipment can be small, it is a very suitable equipment that is very suitable for amusement white investment.

Second, the stent swimming pool

The stent swimming pool is composed of a stent steel pipe and a PVC cloth. The stent pool depth is relatively deep than the inflatable pool, which can be treated as a swimming training class, a water contest in the enterprise and community activities. If you discard the bracket pool, you can match the water play equipment to increase its gameplay. At the same time, the stent pool is convenient, the folding is convenient, and the advantages of the land do not occupy the land, it is very suitable for the investment of the playful white.

Water Slide + Water Amusement Equipment + Children's Play Facilities (34)

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Third, inflatable competitive equipment

Water Shaoguan equipment has a total of \"Starting Stage \" \"蜓 点 水 \" \"Hands Train \" \"Space Walking \" \"Fish Yue Longmen \" \"Boothing \" \"孤注 一 \ \" \"Climbing the Peak \" and other eight levels, which is very challenging. You can also design other safe and challenging levels according to your idea, add uniqueness. As long as you have a waters, a pond, you can buy a set of water. The equipment of the water is stronger in the development of the scene and popularity.

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