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What if the stainless steel slide is too slippery? The manufacturer is actually ready!

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What if the stainless steel slide is too slippery? The manufacturer is actually ready!

    Today, many investors are very sensitive to materials when purchasing slides. A traditional plastic materialSlideThe drawbacks have been highlighted, especially in outdoor environments, which tend to reduce their useful life and pose a hidden danger to the safety of children. Secondly, the stainless steel slides have sprung up everywhere, which is obviously more advantageous in terms of material performance and safety. Therefore, investors are more willing to invest more in the early stage, so as to choose reliable in the current market.Stainless steel slide. Then the problem comes. In the actual experience, a small number of people will have such feedback, that is, the stainless steel slide is too slippery. How should this be solved?

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What if the stainless steel slide is too slippery? The manufacturer is actually ready!

    In fact, the reason why the stainless steel slide is very slippery is because it has reached a certain level in workmanship. The so-called slides are designed to let children feel the joy of falling from the top, and in the process of this sprint can find the so-called breakthrough and excitement. If the friction of the slide is very high, can the child be a good slide even if the child can't slide even after the child is sitting up? Therefore, the first thing to do with a reliable slide device is to keep the surface smooth and free of any foreign matter that generates friction. It is clear that stainless steel slides meet this standard. Of course, if it is too slippery, it is not a good thing. Sometimes the child is likely to have not stabilized, and it will fall from the slide because of friction. For such a thing, the manufacturer has actually considered it comprehensively.

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What if the stainless steel slide is too slippery? The manufacturer is actually ready!

    We can see that there is a cushioning device on any stainless steel combination slide, and its purpose is actually very clear. It is to avoid the situation that the surface is too smooth and the sliding is too fast. Moreover, many manufacturers of stainless steel slides have also added more buffer paths and strict control of the sliding angle in the design, completely solving the problem of slow down. Therefore, the slippery stainless steel slide has no effect on the overall safety factor. After all, each manufacturer will consider the most basic safety factor.
    It is worth noting that even if the manufacturer has done all the measures, it still requires daily maintenance for the operators. Especially in some bad weather conditions, there must be a special person to manage the slides regularly, in addition, the later maintenance work is also essential. Only in this way, stainless steel slides can bring long-term profits to the operators, and will not bring any safety hazards to the children.
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