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What is an inletless amusement equipment

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What is an inletless amusement equipment

Inmovable amusement equipment, it is a general name of playing equipment that does not take any non-natural external force and energy.

This article contains the following points:

1, with the product

2, colorful venues, safety

3, subjective experience is stronger

4, cost-effective higher

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First, with the product

Activity is the nature of the child, exploring the inevitable child growth. Outdoor unhappy rides fully release children's sports nature. According to children's behavioral characteristics and psychological needs, they fully consider children with different game products in different ages.

Children aged 1 to 3 are usually played alone, and some identification is made in touch, visual and auditory. This stage is suitable for playing sand, mud, water, swing, slide.

Children in 3 to 6 began to form social awareness and began to play with groups, like symbolic games, like abstract toys, chairs, tables, slides and mobile facilities.

Children aged 6 ~ 8 began to like climbing, and can evoke complex structures of various different motion reactions to test their flexibility.

Children aged 8 ~ 10 began to show their body balance and coordination capabilities on complex climbing facilities.

Second, colorful venues, safety

The eyes are the window of the child know the world, the color is an important element of the world. The traditional paradise cannot effectively trigger the fun in the heart of the child. The combination of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple is more likely to cause children's interest. In addition, all game facilities can be protected, such as sand, injection rubber, rubber pad, etc. to reduce the probability of falling injuries from facilities.

Third, subjective experience is stronger

Inspected outdoor play equipment, usually pay attention to the production of IP stories, and its shape can be taunt. It is very easy to bring into the settlement of children, so that they fully play the imagination, thus Emovable outdoor play equipment, greatly enhance the experience of amusement.

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Fourth, cost performance is higher

No need to support external energy such as electricity, only relying on the interaction of the device itself and the user, the procurement cost and post-operation costs of the non-powered product are relatively low compared to the technology machinery equipment. At the same time, there is a popular advantage of playing, sports, interest, fitness, etc.

Outdoor Dynamic Paradise is gradually become a new type of play products, and gradually forms multi-diversity combines with education, rural, attractions, holidays, IP and other development environments. In the future, the outdoor unhappy parent-child park will become increasingly developed in the multiculturalism of the \"glue \", and will increasingly highlighting \"Theme \" Outdoor Universal Paradise.

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