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What is the advantages of outdoor non-standard travel?

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What is the advantages of outdoor non-standard travel?

Children's ParadiseAmusement equipment is a rides that can provide amusement functions, and rides are integrated with projects designed for children's excited characteristics. Non-standard travel equipment is well received by children with their novel ideas, unique overall shapes and exploration interests, combines multiple functions such as jump, crawling, drilling, sliding, swaying, shaking, etc..

Plant zombie + landscape rides + zombie play equipment + stainless steel non-standard amusement equipment - (1)

Outdoor non-standard tour

Main contents of this article:

First, more irritating

Second, group gaming

Third, the decoration is better

Fourth, lacking in the world

Five, future development

More irritating

Non-standard travel equipment can do a bigger, which means that great stimulation is used as a composite slide, and the high degree of highlights are large, while combining other equipment such as rock climbing walls or climbing nets, from high The ground is as high as a three-level step, up to more than ten meters, which has never been seen.

2. Group Games

Many standardized games are single uses. Players have been aesthetically fatigued, and they are very resistant. After some games, they have designed new games. It can operate more area, team competition, and significantly improved interaction, of course, new Interest growth point.

3. Decoration is better

There is no design sense of the previous single device, and I can't talk about any texture. If you match the new color, today's non-standard equipment is mostly in the form of theme, the design is designed from color, hue, pattern The corresponding people have attracted the participation of the corresponding people, while making the playgrounds better.

4. Limited with the world

Non-standard customization is very popular in European and American markets, and Westerners are always in the forefront of the world. China is getting late, and the manufacturer's production capacity is gradually improved. Some manufacturers have been able to connect this production and manufacturing.

Plant Zombie + Landscape Amusement Facilities + Zombie Amusement Equipment + Stainless Steel Non-Standard Amusement Equipment - (5)

5. Future development

Today, the total proportion of non-standard equipment is about 7.5%. With more market demand, the total proportion of the next five can be expanded to 15%. In the next 10 years, up to 30% of the equipment will adopt non-standard customizations, and the state will promulgate new laws and regulations and norms.

The customization of non-standard travel equipment is pleasant. A large number of manufacturers have begun to study whether it is suitable for this production, the masses are eager to bring new games and new feelings, and willing to spend more money. This is an embodiment of market potential. If they take the lead in entering the market, they can constantly improve in a few years. In the next 10 years, when the non-standard custom-made peak, the relevant enterprises can walk in the forefront of the peers, which is expected.

Non-standard custom amusement equipmentThere is a unique advantage in the fields of design, product characteristics, and diversity, individual design, meet different amusement needs, and integrate irritation and interest on the basis of ensuring safety.

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