What is the characteristics of children's swing?

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What is the characteristics of children's swing?

The wind is floating, holding hands, flatting ordinary day, fluttering together, forgetting memories, because your voice, like wind, start swaying ... Swift is hidden in everyone's childhood memory, in the swing Laughing childhood, swing is undoubtedly the favorite game of children. So what is the characteristics of children's swings?

This article contains the following:

First, high security

Second, the appearance is novel

Combination swing forest wooden house

1, high security

Safety: Many inflatable amusement equipment varieties have a thrilling characteristics, but they are safe. This device changes the passive game of conventional sitting, sliding, rotation, and children can play their own imagination and take the initiative to create.

2, novel appearance

Color: colorful equipment, bright color, use imported pigment, not easy to fade, more in line with children this age to love the colorful color, grabbing the child's eye. And more durable, the material is more durable, can play 100,000 times (can be used for a few years).

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