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What is the cost of the large-scale children's playground? How much is the total investment?

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What is the cost of the large-scale children's playground? How much is the total investment?

Many people in investing at home will choose to join the series, and the play industry is more recognized. Because the current demand is relatively large, many families accompanying the second birth policy are two children. Entrepreneurial joining a high-quality brand will allow you to be more close to success. So, which brands are worth joining in the play industry, a large-scale children's playground franchise cost is how much, how is the overall investment cost? Next followed the music map small series to go look at it!

This article contains the following

1.Large children's playground joined Introduction

2. A large playground joined the investment costs

3. A large playground join the brand choice

Non-standard outdoor playground equipment main official website FIG -10

Large children's playground joined Introduction

Large children's playground covers an area of ​​generally about 1000 square meters, the entire amusement industry is among the relatively large investment, it is to provide consumers with a place to play, due to the large playground in more types of products, good quality and low price, has been Volkswagen is the minds of consumers love children, and repercussions in the market is better, greater exposure to praise. After years of insistence and branding, music chart amusement park in the country has been occupied one hundred of the stores, has helped countless business people entrepreneurial dreams.

Large playground joined the investment costs

Now joining fees are generally calculated in accordance with the joining fee of floor space, and in order to facilitate the effective management of franchise headquarters will charge a management fee, which means that the cost of joining is the need for investment in the initial fee + management fees. In addition, a large playground joining the basis of costs also include renovation of the space, equipment operators, advertising costs as well as the opening event, a total investment budget, depending on the size of the area of ​​the site.

Non-standard outdoor playground equipment main official website FIG -16

Large playground to join the brand choice

In the end choose which brand price needs to be considered very many aspects, the joining fee is a more important aspect. Select music chart playground you will get direct advertising, because I perennial large-scale equipment to participate in various cultural activities, and thus to the market left a good impression; my company's investment will be a large playground for different the market continues to be free to teach technology and sales, in order to help franchisees obtain greater profit margins.

By investing in joining the upper part of the explanation, I believe you also have a certain understanding of the playground personnel. If you are now planning to build an investment project, why not consider doing amusement industry? I welcome your advice to join!

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