What is the development of a non-powered amusement equipment?

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What is the development of a non-powered amusement equipment?

With the more and more family patterns of 4 + 2 + 1, the needs of family parent-child is more and more strong, and there is no powerful children playing equipment in the prospects of the parent-child play industry, which is precisely to meet the needs of parent-child sharing, and because of the power of the market Demand provides a solid foundation for the development of airborne devices.

What is the development of a non-powered amusement equipment?

Regardless of whether market demand is still the advantage of no power equipment itself, it will become a highlight of the market. Why do you say this? Take a look!

This article contains the following

1. The cost-effective price performance of the non-powered equipment

2. Non-powered equipment maintenance costs

3. Immersed a play experience

4. Fusion of the scene

First, the cost-effective price of the non-powered equipment

Inlet amusement equipmentThe cost performance is far more cost-effective than other ordinary static amusement equipment, and can adapt to different situations and scale projects. It is precise because there is a wide range of applications in powerless equipment, and the cost is also low. For schools, parks, scenic spots, the community will be very good choice.

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Second, the maintenance cost of the airborne equipment is low

What is the development of a non-powered amusement equipment? Non-powered amusement equipment is a custom project. When it is created in the previous period, it is a one-stop scale to complete all the work, and the combination between the project will also be flexible. The general invented amusement equipment is 5 years of protection. It does not require national inspection during this period, so the maintenance cost in the later period is greatly reduced. At the same time, because the product customized fixed mode, let the product itself give a certain function value, and the later period will not be related to the repetitive update of the project.

Third, immersive play experience

What is the development of a non-powered amusement equipment? The inletless equipment is different from the rotating Trojans in the amusement park, rolling the mountain, the ferris wheel needs to repeatedly queue the experience. The milestive amusement park is a modern manner, and the entire enchantment is equipped with different function equipment. Make children. And the parents stay longer, so naturally, the secondary consumption will naturally increase the user's entertainment time and stickiness.

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Fourth, the fusion of scene style

It is usually very high in a lot of literary projects, and the overall planning of no powered equipment has strengthened the diversification of the overall document project. Second, no power equipment is small for the environment. And the local cultural culture is integrated, which is also an important feature of the development of no powered equipment.

What is the development of a non-powered amusement equipment? The theme of the warranty equipment is very distinct, can be implanted into their IP, shaping the perfect image story, and combines urban cultural culture. Music Amusement has been continuously developing the characteristics and highlights of unhappy play equipment, and it is constantly gestating new process and development.


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