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What is the difference between the wooden slide and the plastic slide

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What is the difference between the wooden slide and the plastic slide

Kindergarten children like to play slides, manufacturers, in order to meet the needs of children, it is necessary to have a variety of slides, whether it is from style to materials, slides, is endless, Dazzling. What is the difference between children's slides, wood and plastic slides, wood and plastic slides?

This article contains the following:

First, use life
Second, the price

1, use life

Plastic slides are used to prevent preventing waterproof, very durable. Perhaps many people will have certain skeptic attitudes on the service life of the wooden slide, in fact, as long as the proper maintenance of the wooden slide, the useful life of the wooden slide is not a plastic slide, because the manufacturing process in the pre-wood slide The wood material has been specially treated. Under normal circumstances, only one to two varies of the wooden slide will be given to the surface, so that the surface is formed, and the wooden slide can be completely long.

2, price

The wooden slide is more expensive than the plastic slide, but how much is the size you want to see the size of the wooden slide you really need. In combination, there is a characteristic of the wooden slide and the plastic slide, just see how you choose, the wooden slide is because it is wooden, it looks relatively high-grade, but the price will be slightly expensive, and the plastic slide is more economical, specifically Which one is selected, depending on the needs of everyone.

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