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What is the difference between wooden slides and plastic slides?

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What is the difference between wooden slides and plastic slides?

Many children like to play slide amusement equipment. In order to meet the needs of children, they fully have developed a variety of slides, both from modeling to materials, and slide innovation. When purchasing a child slide, choose the wooden or plastic slide? What is the difference between wooden slides and plastic children's slides? Let's take a look together.

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First, from safety

The wooden slide is safer, more environmentally friendly, because the wood is natural material, texture nature, beautiful, easy to processed, coloring, important is safe, non-toxic, harmless to the child.
For plastic slides, many people are worried that plastic slides are chemical raw materials, containing toxic substances. In fact, the plastic slide of the regular manufacturer uses food grade non-ferrous plastic LLDPE (non-toxic and harmless) materials, non-toxic and tasteless, safe and environmentally friendly. So from material security, plastic slides and wooden slides are safe and secure.

Second, analyze from the shape

The main body of the wooden slide is wood, the overall style is more refined, more exotic style, and the unique shape has attracted a lot of children, such as the shape of the pirate ship, the shape of the castle, etc., bringing a lot to the children Appeal. The entire wooden slide design is just right, you can meet the desire for your fresh things! Moreover, for different environments such as kindergartens, communities, parks, manufacturers can be tailorned to make different shapes of wooden slides, making it perfect into the surrounding environment, and even become unique markers.
Plastic slides are also custom designed centered on project personality in customer demand, novel in shape, bright color, and variable style. Various small animal styles, jungle plant styling, pirate models, etc. It also makes a variety of styles based on customer scenes and children's preferences.

Third, from structure and process analysis

In fact, the composition of the wood slide and plastic slide is similar.
Wooden children slide with wood-based structures, plastic parts are accessories, or they are all kinds of children with wood structures. Mainly constructed of plastic parts, columns, platforms, skates, fasteners, and the like. The wooden slide is very high for the production techniques of each constituent part, generally made of African teak and Russia, and Russia. Before engraving the wood, there must be a variety of complex treatments with advanced technologies, dehydrated carbonization, to achieve demand for anti-corrosion and anti-mildew. In addition, the mainly used groups in the wood slide are children, so the surface requirements after the formation must also be very high, and the surface must be specially treated after the formation is made, so that the smooth is slidable.

Plastic slides are mainly composed of plastic parts, platforms, columns, steel pipe fittings, hardware parts, and connectors. In industrial skills, plastic combination slides are sprayed after rust removal of oil, using high temperature electromagnetic paint technology, strong rust resistance, the play platform is full-piece carbon steel plate stamping, platform surface small hole It has anti-slip effects, and the slide and drilling bucket types of the playing frame are made of imported food-grade plastic, which contains anti-static and ultraviolet Ingredients, and color lasting.

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Fourth, analyze from service life

Plastic slides are pre-corrosion and waterproof, very durable. Perhaps many people will have certain skeptics of the service life of the wooden slide, but in fact, as long as the wooden slide is properly maintained, the life of the wooden slide is not on the plastic slide. This is because of the special treatment of wood materials during the manufacturing process of the wood slide. Under normal circumstances, it is only necessary to apply 1 to 2 varnishes on the wooden slide, so that the surface forms a protective film, and the wooden slide is completely longer. Bad.

Five, from price analysis

The wooden slide will be more expensive than the plastic slide, how much is it, or how much is the size of the wooden slide you actually needs.
In summary, there is a feature of the wood slide and plastic slide, you will see how you choose, the wooden slide is made of wood, so it seems higher-end, but the price will be slightly expensive, and the plastic slide is It is more economical, which is the need for each person.
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