What is the interactive projection child slide? New era technology product

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What is the interactive projection child slide? New era technology product

The equipment in the playground is also constantly updating, which is no longer limited to the traditional slide of the past. In fact, the slide is the most basic equipment in the playground, but the general slide, the children may be greasy now. At this time, there was an interactive projection child slide, a new type of play equipment, and many people didn't know much about him. Let Xiaobian will give you a brief introduction, I hope to help everyone.

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What is the interactive projection child slide? New era technology product

Interactive projectionChild slideKeep traditional design, tilt, bending, but developed new features. Expand its associated width, such that children can interact above. A lot of high-tech techniques are applied, such as video action capture, image recognition, etc. It is interacting with interactive projection technology, perfect and traditional slides, or incorporates a lot of effects, especially corrugations, collisions, etc.

Compared to traditional slides, this elevator makes many people feel very exciting and have more fun. Especially high-tech sense is particularly strong, very popular with children. This elevator is a relatively high player, and the children are playing down the ladder, their physical movements and speeds will be captured by the relevant system. Each time you pass a place, there will be different media effects on the slide, combined with reality and illusory.

In the children's slide projection, the various game scenes used, and animation scenes can be switched at will, and children can interact with animals in these scenes. These characters that appear in Andersen's fairy tale, you can see it above. According to the characteristics of each site, the merchant can find a project suitable for tourists, and will not be similar. The game is very simple, the design is also very human. Especially if compared with the past, you can also play interactive communication, communicating with each other. Especially those beautiful and colorful activities, let everyone have a very happy, feel the stimuli that has never been there.

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What is the interactive projection child slide? New era technology product

The interactive projection slide can be said to be fully reflected in this slide on this slide. Especially with the traditional slide, it is very fun to focus on game interactivity, and feel the fun. Children exchange in the game and friends, a game, and can cultivate and communicate with people.

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